Chrome extension

Design See What Powers Every Website You Visit

A Chrome extension allows users to see what's behind every website, from programming languages to fonts and analytics

Retail This Digital Assistant Helps Real Estate Agents Do Their Job

A Gmail assistant for real estate agents helps them manage their email accounts while working with multiple home buyers

Technology This Chatbot Will Fight Your Internet Provider On Your Behalf

Trim has created a new Chrome extension that utilizes natural language processing to automatically chat with customer service reps to lower your bill

Advertising Cut Through The Noise Of Facebook With This Simple Chrome Extension

The add-on is designed to hide and streamline all the unnecessary features and recommendations tacked onto the social platform

Technology Let Google Quickly Summarize Articles For You

Opt for brief recaps of online articles you don't have time to read with the TL;DR Chrome extension

Advertising Getty Images Partners with Google and Apple To Reach More Consumers

Stock photo agency tries to broaden its consumer base by going B2Everyone

Work Chrome Extension Curses at You to Get Back to Work

Get some tough love to help you concentrate on work

Technology Not Another Star Wars Spoiler

As the new Star Wars movie debuts in theaters, this Chrome extension makes sure you won't accidentally stumble into any unwanted information on the film

Technology Download a Chrome Extension to Remedy Online Prejudices

Rehumanize is a Google Chrome extension that replaces terms like 'refugee' or 'immigrant' with 'human'

Home No Email Enthusiasm? Fake It with this Chrome Extension

With thrilled punctuation and emoticons, a browser add-on gets excited so you don't have to

Design Chrome Plug-In Offers A Visual Map Of Your Internet Activity [Video]

Iconic History displays users' browser history as a stack of Favicons.