Technology Plug-In Device Keeps iPhones Completely Quiet

A new way to save yourself some embarrassment in situations that call for total silence.

Design Responsive Flower Installation Blooms And Folds With Viewers’ Movements

An unused renaissance-style church is brought to life through a crafted technological experience.

Design Levitating Sound Sculpture Plays Haunting Hymn In A French Chapel [Video]

An installation of 300 wires move on a four-note scale to create a melody dedicated to a place once dedicated to faith.

Home Exploding Garden Installation Transforms An Ancient Church [Pics]

An exhibit at the Venice Biennial juxtaposes nature in a highly man-made setting with stunning results.

Work Steel Church Is A Transparent Work Of Art [Pics]

Architects build construction of 2000 columns and 30 tons of steel arranged in horizontal plates.

Advertising (Pics) Innovative Church Branding

Melbourne-based Christian church One Community Church has adopted a rather modern un-conventional branding approach.