circuit boards

Design Makes It Easy To Build Your Own Electronic Circuits

Roboplan created the desktop application for beginners to have a step-by-step guide to building their own electronics projects

Home 3D Printing Now Moves to Circuit Boards

New crowdfunded project opens to create a machine capable of printing out functional electronic devices

Innovation PSFK Top 5 Stories Of The Week

IKEA makes furniture for nomadic 20 year olds, OREO 3D prints cookies made of tweets, and a fake app for drunks.

Work Easy To Build Cell Phone Costs Less Than $200

Members of the MIT Media Lab can teach you how to create the devices on which so much of their work has depended.

Technology Make Your Own Circuit Board is a web-based design tool that makes it fun and easy to design, share and produce electronic circuit boards.

Technology 3D Printers Will Build Circuit Boards 'In Two Years' [Headlines]

Wired says that before we know it, printers will be helping us manufacture PCs.

Design Silver Pen That Can Draw Circuits On Anything

Scientists create roller ball pen that can be used to sketch functioning circuit boards, even on a folded piece of paper.

Work Designer Upcycles Circuits And Motherboards Into Bar Furnishings

Architect constructs a functional map of Melbourne using old electronic components.