circular economy

Home IKEA Rental Program Heightens Sustainability And Convenience

The company is pursuing its eco-friendly and affordability goals with a trial rental service in Switzerland, letting customers return used furniture to be refurbished and leased

Delivery & Logistics Sustainable Grocery Startup Offers Same-Day No-Package Delivery

The Wally Shop delivers farm-fresh groceries from local partners via bike courier in reusable packaging that it will pick up from shoppers upon their next order

Fashion & Apparel Nordstrom Trunk Club Helps Advise Customers On Proper Garment Care

Trunk Club is increasing the value of its service by adding consumer education on how to extend the lifetime of garments with its Caring for Clothing, part of Nordstrom's greater effort to reflect consumer interest in sustainability and quality over quantity

Brand Activation & Immersion PSFK Spotlight From Facebook's 2019 Trends Report: Circular Economy

Eco-conscious brands are incorporating recycled materials into new goods to reduce their environmental impact, while shoppers are buying products from sellers who reflect their values

Packaging & Product Engagement Consumers Can Earn Credit At Reformation By Upcycling Their Used Clothes

Conscious apparel retailer Reformation partnered with Thredup to launch a loyalty program that incentivizes consigning clothing by offering consumers store credit for their used wares

Post Purchase Service & Support Bedding Subscription Gives Customers New Sheets While Recycling Used Ones

Coyuchi's sustainable subscription services let customers rent sheets for a period of time, replacing them as needed and restoring the old sheets to be resold

Consumer Goods Service Lets Users Donate Their Used Clothes In Exchange For Vouchers

ReGAIN is adding more incentive to donating clothing to those in need, offering users vouchers for everything from major apparel brands to travel sites in exchange for used goods

Retail The North Face Will Repair And Resell Used Clothes At A Discount

The outdoor clothing brand launched an online store for refurbished clothing in bid to help the environment and attract bargain shoppers

Work How Businesses Can Use The Power Of Scale To Reduce Waste And Promote New Talent

Large businesses can fast-track entrepreneurial acceleration and improve operational practices to benefit communities and the environment

Design Google Wants To Help Cities Become Circular Economies

Along with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the two companies want to work together to help cities become more sustainable

Syndicated How Sell-By Dates Are Compounding The Food Waste Problem

Industry action on ‘Best before’ labels in the US is welcome, but food waste will only fall when consumers use their senses

Syndicated What Is The Environmental Impact Of The IoT Economy?

A newly launched line of Amazon Dash buttons have led some to criticize the tech as wasteful

Innovation Educating Our Way to a Zero-Waste Future

How Kamikatsu, Japan—despite initial protests from its denizens—is progressing toward its 2020 zero-waste goal

Design Trying to Get the Ikea Generation to Buy into Vintage-But-Sustainable Furniture

Cheap furniture attracts sustainably minded young people despite existence of more sustainable alternatives; can a struggling antique and upcycled furniture sector convince them otherwise?