Automotive Citroën Filmed Dating Sessions Hosted Inside Its C3 Model As It Zipped Around A Racetrack

The speed dating show will promote the features of the Citroën C3, such as its built-in dashcam which was used to record what transpired inside it, and will showcase the fast-paced dates of three couples

Brand Activation & Immersion Automaker Designs Glasses That Cure Passenger Motion Sickness

Citroën's special glasses let queasy passengers relax or even read and use their digital devices without discomfort, extending the brand's reach by attempting to eliminate a common pain point for car travelers

Advertising Citroën Is Carving Twitter Posts Out Of Wood To Honor An Old Model

Citroën handcrafted social media posts out of wood to honor a retired carpenter who made a wooden version of the classic Citroën 2CV

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Citroen's Customized Vans Are Mobile Bicycle Workshops

A Type H and a New Dispatch have been created with help from Le Coq Sportif

Advertising Citroën Launches Tumblr Gallery Exhibiting Commissioned Auto Artwork

The project challenges creatives to produce emotional short videos using one of the brand's products

Design 1965 Citroen Unfolds Into A Giant Transformer [Video]

Classic car can turn itself into a 60-foot tall robot complete with laser shields.

Design Citroën's New Sleek Hybrid To Be Unveiled In China [Video]

French concept vehicle to be revealed first at the Beijing Auto Show.

Innovation Citroën Debut Concept Car With Fashion-Inspired Content

Photographer Laurent Nivalle creates a luxury styled photo spread and video profiling the car.

Technology Citroën Crowdsources Its Next Car Design On Facebook

The auto brand launches a campaign, where users design a special edition C1 car which will go into production later this year.

Technology Citroën Driver To Be Guided By User-Generated Tweets

Citroën will launch an interactive campaign where tweeters can give live directions to a celebrity driver.

Luxury Peugeot Reveals Its Futuristic Electric Concept Car [Pics]

The French car manufacturer has unveiled its light, compact and electric-powered car.

Advertising Citroen's Tubik Concept Is A Lounge On Wheels

Citroen introduced their futuristic concept car at the Frankfurt Auto Show, complete with freely-configurable back seats.

Innovation CITROËN Tubik Concept Aims To Blend Technology and Fun [Pics]

CITROËN readies another wild concept car(van) which is a first class airline cabin on wheels.

Advertising Citroen Survolt: A New Line Of Electric 'Supercars'

The Citroen Survolt ushers in a new line of electric 'supercars' that are 'faster, more efficient, and capable of driving longer distances on a single charge.