city streets

Work Found Object Street Art Turn Derelict Cities Into A Canvas [Pics]

Artist r1 transforms ordinary materials into master works, like placing crumpled paper flowers into broken windows and cans into street signs.

Design New York City Depicted Only Through Its Windows [Pics]

Graphic designer Jose Guizar created this project as a weekly illustrated fix for his obsession.

Design Street Art Blends In To Its Surroundings [Pics]

French artist uses paper cut-outs and wheatpaste to bring the urban environment to life.

Design Bug Memorials Encourage Awareness On City Streets

Commemorating fallen insects in the midst of a bustling city, forces people to engage with their surroundings.

Pothole Gardener Creates Miniature Green Spaces On London's Busy Streets

Steve Wheen highlights the state of the roads and makes people appreciate little areas of greenery.

Design (Pics) The 90021 Project Captures The Spirit of L.A. Art District

The 90021 project captures the everyday spirit of a community thriving with city workers, artists, street art, writers, providing a backdrop for which many familiar television shows are shot.

Work (Pics) New Type York: Exploring Urban Typography

James Patrick Gibson's New Type York project is an archeological dig through New York, where he collects typographical artifacts found throughout the city.