Clean Energy

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airbnb Hosts Incentivized To Install Solar Panels In Their Homes

A partnership with Solarcity is prompting people to adapt to the sustainable energy source

Food & Beverage Restaurant Becomes First in US Powered by 100% Clean Energy

Au Fudge earns green awards for its dedication to sustainable practices

Design Energy Department Posters Showcase the Future of Clean Energy

The series highlights the growing investments in wind, solar and geothermal power

Luxury Power Up Your Tesla with Footsteps

Pavegen develops an experiment, in partnership with Tesla, that charges electric cars through floor tiles that absorb footstep energy

Innovation Device Converts Running Mileage Into Harvestable Energy

Kinetic energy collected from your body can power your iPhone for more than 6 hours.

Design Algae Generates Building Energy From Wastewater

New green-energy system grown on building facades in Paris, provides fossil-fuel alternative.

Advertising Triple Pundit: Duane Reade Asks New Yorkers To Decide Which Trucks Go Electric

The drugstore chain partners with Mission Electric to bring cleaner vehicles to the streets of the city, asking shoppers to 'vote' which locations will get e-trucks.

Technology MIT's Tiny Foldable Electric Car Will Retail For $16,000

The Hiriko Fold is a compact vehicle expected to go on sale in 2013.

Technology Floating Wind Turbines Will Harness Clean Energy [Headlines]

New technology will allow for greater use of wind for power needs.

Obama: Climate Change Cannot Be Denied [Headlines]

The President has not been as strong on climate change policy as his campaign promised, but he certainly understands the threat of it in this speech.

Home Artificial Leaf Produces Electricity From Water

Scientists from MIT have created a small device that mimics a leaf to convert water into stored energy.

Luxury Investments In Startups Boom While Funding For Clean Energy Drops [Headlines]

Dow Jones reports that energy companies raised less than half the amount raised by startups in the second quarter of 2010.

Innovation GE Recreates The Sun [Video]

An aesthetically breathtaking experiment captures the force and power of the star in a way that feels humanly palpable and takes science from explanation back into the realm of magical thinking.

Design Wind Power From Trains

The T-Box system harnesses wind energy from the existing motion of passing trains.