climate change

Design Radically Redesigned Garage Could Help Solve Overcrowding In Cities

This parking garage remains underground until the city experiences heavy rainfall, causing it to rise up from the ground to create a reservoir

Advertising Blockchain Platform Rewards Carbon-Friendly Consumer Choices

New startup company gives individuals financial incentives to make better choices when it comes to carbon consumption

Entertainment Pharrell Created A Song That Can Only Be Heard If Climate Change Is Addressed

Pharrell wants to raise awareness for climate change with the creation of a new track that will release in 100 years

Food & Beverage Brewery Designed Beer To Remind Leaders To Prioritize Climate Change

Brewdog released a new beer, directed at the White House, to highlight the importance of acknowledging climate change

Home Nature-Inspired Rugs Portray The Effects Of Climate Change

Artist Fernando Mastrangelo's 'Reverence' collection for Edward Fields features landscape-inspired pieces

Syndicated What Would An Entirely Flood-Proof City Look Like?

From sponge cities in China to ‘berms with benefits’ in New Jersey and floating container classrooms in the slums of Dhaka, a range of projects are looking to treat storm water as a resource rather than a hazard

Design This Mirrored Tableware Could Trick Your Brain Into Changing Your Eating Habits

The reflective eating utensils from Studio Playfool make eaters believe they are consuming twice as much food as they actually are

Technology Los Angeles Is Testing A Special Paint To Cool Down City Streets

The city of Los Angeles will be testing out a layer of CoolSeal paint on public streets, which cuts down how much heat asphalt absorbs

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket PSFK 2017: What The Supermarket Could Look Like In 2065

At PSFK 2017, Studio Industries CEO Mike Lee teleported us in a time machine to the grocery store of the future, where experiences will reign over products

Design Climate Chaos And Artificial Us: 6 Links We’re Talking About

Climate change and AI were the focus of stories circulating among the PSFK team this week

Advertising These 'Products Of Tomorrow' Warn Against Climate Change

Brazil's Nature Conservancy hopes to raise awareness with a new campaign displaying products that will be necessary in a future affected by climate change

Food & Beverage Food Computers Use AI To Make 'Climate Recipes' For The Best-Tasting Crops

The MIT Media Lab is working on a special food computer that will help grow any crop thanks to its AI's regulation of light, water and nutrients

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel The World's First Emissions Free Cargo Ship Is Set To Sail In 2018

A new zero emission ship hits the waters with plans to have it fully autonomous by 2020

Fashion & Apparel This Color-Changing Shirt Reveals The Effects Of Climate Change

The Cabbage Project shirt uses red cabbage juice to indicate changes in the pH levels of water