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Advertising How Al Gore Is Making Global Warming Personal

“What I Love” is a web-based experience that asks users to identify the things they love and shows how climate change threatens them.

Gaming & Play Interactive Game Empowers 'Heroes' To Capture Climate Abuse [Future Of Gaming]

Climate Heroes is Gaming for Good concept that gives players the opportunity to become a superhero and take up the fight to solve the planet’s climate issues.

Design Top 10 Game Ideas To Fight Climate Change [Pics]

Al Gore, PSFK and the Climate Reality Project recently presented gaming ideas that advocate the reality of climate change through game mechanics.

Home Gaming For Good: Al Gore's Finalist Picks Announced

The former Vice President lists his favourite five from our ten final gaming concepts that create awareness and proactivity around Climate Reality.

Technology Al Gore: Games Are The New Normal

Former Vice President says that there is tremendous potential for advocates to reach entirely new audiences with games that are engaging, fun, and motivational.

Innovation Gaming For Good: Concepts To Support The Climate Reality Group

PSFK challenged top creative agencies worldwide to come up with gaming concepts that create awareness about the Climate Reality Project. Here is a shortlist of the top submissions.

Advertising PSFK Readers: Concept Gaming Ideas To Support The Climate Reality Project

Gaming for Good: The Climate Reality Project was established by Al Gore to extend his message about environmental change. Together with PSFK, TCRP are inviting creative professionals to contribute ideas to support the needs of environmental organizations.

Innovation Al Gore's New Presentation On Climate Reality

Last week, Al Gore presented his new presentation about the reality of climate change at the end of a global web-tv event watched by 8 million viewers.