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Home Film Director Bikes Through Hurricane Sandy Wearing A Camera [Video]

Casey Neistat shows the world the devastation in NYC after 'Frankenstorm,' donates earnings from footage to victims on Staten Island.

Design Cities' Tamagotchi Trees Would Game The Urban Environment

Massive real-world multi-player experience aims to bring climate change back into the public's conversation.

Advertising Virtual Trees In City Centers Reflect Local Environmental Levels [Future Of Gaming]

REALiTREE is a Gaming for Good submission that acts like like a huge Tamagotchi-like installation that thrives and suffers according to the health of its surrounding environment.

Gaming & Play 31 Million Virtual Farmers Tend To The In-Game Devastation Caused By Climate Change [Future Of Gaming]

Destination Reality: Farmville would drop a dose of climate reality on the 31 million people who log on daily to play the famous Zynga game.

Advertising Activist Gaming Platform Spreads Climate Science And Destroys Doubt [Future Of Gaming]

'Reality Drops' is a Gaming For Good submission that builds awareness around climate reality by enabling players to spread easy-to-understand scientific data in response to climate deniers online.

Technology Al Gore: Games Are The New Normal

Former Vice President says that there is tremendous potential for advocates to reach entirely new audiences with games that are engaging, fun, and motivational.

Design PSFK Readers: Concept Gaming Ideas To Support The Climate Reality Project

Gaming for Good: The Climate Reality Project was established by Al Gore to extend his message about environmental change. Together with PSFK, TCRP are inviting creative professionals to contribute ideas to support the needs of environmental organizations.

Innovation Al Gore's New Presentation On Climate Reality

Last week, Al Gore presented his new presentation about the reality of climate change at the end of a global web-tv event watched by 8 million viewers.