Health Interview: How Scent Can Help Foster A Good Night's Rest

In this interview, founder of Sensorwake Guillaume Roland speaks about how his company is using the power and benefits of scent to help people sleep better, pairing technology with natural remedies to respond to consumer demand for wellness products that are gentle yet effective

Design These Lamps Display Time As An Accumulation Of Light

The first of a line of products that use time as design inspiration, Lightweights visually represent intervals of time from seconds to centuries

Technology This Little Puck Helps Track How You're Spending Your Time

Tiller aims to solve an age-old productivity problem with a simple new device

Advertising This Clock Video Creates Different Hands For All 1,440 Minutes of the Day

Dentsu Japan created a video using everyday objects for the arms of a clock and incorporated a new item for every minute of the day

Fashion & Apparel Louis Vuitton Launches The World's Most Expensive Android Smartwatch

The watch runs Google's smartwatch operating system and retails for $2,450 and up

Home Concept Phone Works As A Universal Remote For IoT Devices

By understanding the world around it, this phone unlocks a singular experience for controlling your smart home

Design Clock Uses Equations To Display The Time

The Albert Clock has six different levels of difficulty to suit the mathematical skills of a wide range of users

Home This Anti-Gravity Clock Can Track Your Progress Toward Life Goals

The device's 'Journey' mode lets people envision the length of time until a major milestone, such as the birth of their child, is set to occur

Entertainment Lash Clock Meditatively Marks The Passing Of Time

Artist Bina Baitel gives viewers a contemplative perspective of time by gently moving forward without audible noise or sense of worry

Fashion & Apparel 3D-Printed Smartwatch Can Be Manufactured At Home

The concept watches' components are fabricated from commonly found household items

Consumer Goods 3 Connected Life Insights To Look For On The CES Floor

With countless events to cover at CES, we have pulled together three key insights related to the Connected Life to keep brands, retailers, technologists and creatives on track

Home A Clock That Beautifully Manages Your Information Overload

The wall-mounted timekeeper is made to help people maintain focus and stay up to date with their appointments

Advertising These Trucks Drove Around In Circles For 24 Hours To Keep Time

The giant ticking clock was created by 14 Scania vehicles in a deserted airfield

Design Watch Time Fade With This Concrete Clock

Hours of the day dematerialize into shadowed remnants with this French-designed wall piece