Advertising Swiss Watchmaker IWC Opens Aviation-Themed Bar

Les Aviateurs has been designed in the style of a gentlemen's club

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Elegant Timepiece Hides Tap And Pay Technology

Timex's Fairfield Contactless watch contains contactless payment strips inside

Design Clock Kills Time by Destroying Itself

A wall clock concept by artist Weng Xinyu cuts itself in half when no one's around

Work Tweet Clock Lets You Wake Up to a Mechanical Bird Song

Wind-up alarm tempts you out of bed with sounds of nature

Design Kinetic Clock Installation Revamps Traditional Analogue Clock Faces

Humans Since 1982 turn 288 timepieces into a hypnotic visual display

Video Cylindrical Clock Rolls to Display 24 Varying Time Zones

The World Clock by Elevenplus helps users keep track of time around the world

Work 288 Analog Clocks Work Together To Tell Time [Video]

'A Million Times' is an installation by Humans since 1982 that can be controlled by custom software using an iPad.

Technology Electronics Baked In Bread Actually Work

Masters student experiments with the organic and the inorganic by casing working electronics with in dough and cooking them.

Design A Clock To Combat Distractions

A soft clock helps keep people free from the distraction of clock-watching.

Design Telling Time In 3D [Pic]

Studio Ve has created a remarkable wall clock that displays the time with a series of unrolling shapes.

Work An Exploration Into The Working Of A Clock [Pics]

Daniel Weil's creation 'Clock for an Architect' breaks a clock down to its core components.

Design Abstract Clock Represents Time With Physical Products

This device has a unique way of displaying the long-term passing of days.

Wake Up World: A Social Alarm Clock

New iPhone app developed in Japan replaces your morning alarm with a video from your friends, your loved ones, or even strangers (chatroulette-style).

Design (Pics) A Watch That Tells Psychological Time

Aiming to capture the personal, shifting nature of time, illi & Julien ADO have created Artime, a concept watch that attempts to get into harmony with the individual user's relationship with time.