Fashion & Apparel Tactile Clothing Helps The Visually Impaired Choose Outfits

The pieces from Balini Naidoo are made to make dressing up easier for the blind

Retail Fashion Brand Offers Performance Coaching With Every Purchase

Based on their ideals of women's empowerment, Tuxe is expanding their brand to include coaching sessions that reflect the clothing

Design Redesigned Hospital Gown Meets Modern Needs

Designed in collaboration with students from the Parsons School of Design, the gown offers comfort and utility

Advertising Clothing "Transplants" Promote Organ Donations in Japan

Japan is low on organ donors, so this fun campaign plans to change that

Advertising Brooks Brothers Partnered With Instagram Star To Loop Video Ad

Instagrammer Mike Mellia created a series of looping videos that the fashion industry want to use for advertisements

Fashion & Apparel Artificial Intelligence Could Soon Generate Clothing Models Of Every Size

The new technology from creates an image of a realistic model based on a shopper's chosen item and size

Design Target's Adaptive Clothing Shifts For Kids With Disabilities

Cat & Jack brand created 40 items with special features

Home Scanner Can Tell What's In The Stain On Your Shirt

The device from Bosch is made to detect the source of stains and recommend the appropriate washing method to treat them

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Uniqlo Is Launching An Airport Clothing Vending Machine For Travelers

Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo has created vending machines fir American airports for travelers who need to quickly buy a shirt or jacket

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel An Architect Is Partnering Up With Rapha To Design Cycling Clothing

Architect Normal Foster announced the partnership with Rapha through an Instagram post

Retail Everlane Is Opening Its First Physical Store In San Francisco

After years of working the online clothing market, Everlane wants to create a real retail store in San Francisco

Fashion & Apparel Amazon Is Removing One Of The Biggest Hurdles In Online Clothes Shopping

Amazon Prime's newest service will allow online shoppers to try on and return clothes for free

Fashion & Apparel Rent Expensive Clothing For The Day From Strangers

Boro is a platform that connects people's wardrobes with renters who need a fancy outfit for a day or two

Retail Subscription Service Caters To People Who Want An All-Black Wardrobe

LOT is a clothing curator targeting a very particular customer, and it might just be a minimalist's dream come true