Luxury Why We're On The Brink Of A Housing-Like 'Carbon Bubble'

Al Gore calls on companies to 'do their fiduciary duty' and identify carbon risks in their portfolios.

If The Coal Industry Made An Energy Drink, Would You Drink It? [Headlines]

The Renewable Energy Accountability Project made a mock-commercial for a fictional energy drink to highlight the negative effects of coal and coal mining.

Work Mining In The Mountaintops: A Nice View With A Fatal Descent [Headlines]

Mining for coal in the mountaintops is not only to be damaging to the environment but also to human health. But, it does provide steady jobs. Is it really worth it?

Is Biomass The New Coal? [Headlines]

Does burning biomass instead of coal an important piece of the climate solution? Or does it have environmental trade-offs that exceed its benefit?

Advertising Monocolumn: A New Spring In The Steppe

For decades, the term “buffer state” has been invoked as shorthand for Mongolia’s political raison d’être. The country is wedged between two BRICs, and more than 20 Chinese cities each exceed its entire population.

Innovation A Social Media Company Powered By Coal?

Green NGO calls on Facebook to shift towards more sustainable energy resources.