coffee table

Design Brooklyn Navy Yard Gallery+Cafe Promotes Local Design And Makers

The space mixes information with caffeination to showcase Brooklyn makers

Home Coffee Table Creates Art Sculptures From Sand

A one-of-a-kind design creates sand art creations right before your eyes

Design Coffee Table Designs Incorporate Elements of Math and Science

Maurie Novak's Prism bewilders the senses with an elaborate rainbow of color

Gaming & Play Coffee Table Doubles As An Arcade Game [Pics]

Surface Tension’s Contemporary Arcade Coffee Tables are handmade in the UK and feature built-in joysticks and arcade buttons for gaming.

Home Hydroponic Coffee Table Grows Greens In The Middle Of The Living Room

Creative concept designs new ways to showcase beautiful wildlife in your home.

Design Coffee Table Opens To Reveal A Fireplace

Schulte Design's ‘Matchbox’ coffee table has a sliding top cover that conceals an ethanol burner kit or extra storage.

Gaming & Play Coffee Table Doubles As Mega-Sized Nintendo Game Controller

Custom design studio creates fully functional piece of furniture for playing classic NES games.

Design 'Acoustable' Embeds A Sound System Within A Coffee Table

Designed by Jerome Spriet + Wolfgang Bregentze, the table reflects our connection to music collections through personal media players.

Design Papervore: Coffee Table Meets Paper Shredder

This sleek piece of furniture is also handy for getting rid of junk mail.

Design Coffee Table: Art Object or Social Signifier?

Rocket Gallery presents "Book A Table: Coffee Tables & Artists' Books" - an exhibit that examines the social function of the coffee table as a space for identifying one's social status.

Home CB2 Cement Coffee Table

The Element Coffee Table is handmade in an eco-friendly workshop powered without consumption of fossil fuels to avoid CO2 loads.