Cognitive neuroscience

Brand Activation & Immersion Alzheimer's Center Creates 1950's-Themed Town To Improve Patient Cognition

The Glenner Town Square provides Alzheimer's patients with an alternative experiential treatment, helping jog their memory by recreating a town from their youth and offering activities like puzzles and animal therapy

Technology How Emotion Tracking Provides Insight Into Consumer Behavior

Emotionally sensitive technology allows brands and consumers to analyze responses to products, services and experiences

Health Your Next Therapist Might Be Powered By AI

Researchers at UCLA and USC have created TEVI, an advanced conversational AI for subjective thoughts

Home AI Can Automatically Appraise Real Estate Listings

Barcelona-based company is using artificial intelligence to facilitate renting or buying a new home by making images searchable

Delivery & Logistics Service Uses AI To Deliver Menstrual Products At Exactly The Right Time

Using an algorithm, Freda subscription service is able to learn about the specific user and determine the next delivery date based on their cycle

Advertising An Apparel Brand Built A Wearable Device Powered By Happy Thoughts

Life is Good set out to prove the power of optimism by using happy thoughts to run a water tap

Entertainment AI Is Working To Make Moviegoers More Emotional

An AI algorithm can predict which parts of a film will generate the greatest emotional responses in audiences

Advertising VR Is Helping People With Alzheimer's Revive Memories

The first Wayback VR film of a planned series immerses patients in Queen Elizabeth's 1953 coronation

Design How AI Is Being Used To Prove Authenticity In The Art World

By analyzing a single brushstroke, this AI is able to pick a real Picasso from the fakes

Design Intel Used AI To Help Make A Music Video

Machine learning is being used to ease the special effects workflow and generate new abstract visuals

Gaming & Play This Game Could Help With Alzheimer's Research

A smartphone app uses VR to track and provide insight into dementia and Alzheimer's disease

Automotive Artificial Intelligence Can Warn Drivers Who Text And Drive

Can't keep your eyes on the road? This AI from the University of Waterloo will remind you to stay focused

Fashion & Apparel Magazine Lets Readers Smell The People Featured In It

Sense Familiar magazine from stylist Isabel Bonner puts two of your senses to work

Gaming & Play How VR Technology Can Improve Our Cognition

PSFK attended the Games For Change Conference to discover how VR can be used to enhance cognition and other parts of ourselves