Visualization Of Every Facebook User Shows The Network’s Vast Reach

Social app displays one billion Facebook users on one photo collage that looks like a cluster of television static.

Perfectly Lined-Up Photos Fuse Landscape And Fashion Shots [Pics]

Two unlikely mediums combined to create a seamless transition from one to the other.

Design Unique Silhouette Portraits Mark A Young Girl's Growth [Gallery]

Brent Holloman captures a profile shot of his baby girl each week, turning the picture into different images like clouds, an egg, stars, and a collage.

Advertising Online Fashion Community Lets You Search For Makeup To Go With Your Outfit

Polyvore has launched a new search feature that allows users to click on any color, to view the cosmetic product in the desired shade, across multiple beauty brands.

Design Map Collages In The Age Of Google [Pics]

Artist Matthew Cusick uses physical maps as materials to enliven portraits of American icons.

Work Sarah Frost Turns Discarded Keyboards Into Art

In the work Debris, Qwerty, the St. Louis based artist constructs massive, gridded portraits out of old computer parts.

Technology The Arduous Process Of Simmons & Burke

The digital artists scour the web for source material, using up to 5,000 images in one collage.

Design Swoon's Art Workshop In Zambia

A street artist introduces her art to an under-privileged students' school in Zambia.