Advertising Explore The Smells Of Europe Through A Scented Art Installation

Experience Paris, Brussels, Cologne and Amsterdam through a special art installation that presents the cities by smells

Food & Beverage Supermarket Customers Decide The Price Of Food That Is Less Than Perfect

A grocery store in Cologne, Germany is helping alleviate food waste with a new business model

Design Wilderness Perfumer Concocts Scents Using Naturally-Foraged Ingredients

An organic line of fragrance that recaptures the essence of nature.

Design Cologne Sticks Requires Users To Light Them On Fire To Release Scent

'Campfire Cologne' comes in a matchbox instead of a bottle and you need to pull out a match, light a slice of wood, and waft the smoke to put on the scent.

Pope Commissons A Custom Personal Cologne [Headlines]

The religious leader has had his own scent designed that has notes of lime tree, verbena and grass.

Innovation On-Call Fragrance Butler Pampers Hotel Guests With Bespoke Scents

Rosewood hotel's North American and Saudi Arabian properties offer the exclusive 24-hour service and have fragrance menus tailored to each hotel.

Luxury Filling Station Dispenses Fresh Milk Around The Clock

Self-serve vending machines delivers dairy 24 hours a day.

Design (Video) Augmented Sculpture

For Interior Design Week in Cologne, German company Lichtfront installed what they call an “Augmented Sculpture”. A multi-projection of 4 sources interacts with the forms and shapes of the sculpture creating an incredible optical illusion.