Design Ancient Market Restored To Its Original Grandeur [Pics]

The Ataranzas Municipal Market in Malaga, Spain, has been redesigned and enhanced by Aranguren & Gallegos Arquitectos.

Design Artist Creates Living Petri Dish Painting For Every Day Of The Year

Klari Reis has combined art and science as part of her newest creative output.

Innovation A Peek Inside The Colorful DayGlo Factory [Video]

Bytesize Science takes an interactive look at how the brightly colored pigments we see everyday are made.

Home Multi-Colored Sprinkler Sprays Rainbows [Pics]

Dutch artist Edwin Deen has turned a regular garden sprinkler into a spray painting device, with each nozzle spraying a different color.

Retail Ray-Ban Offers A Collection Of Artistic Color Block Frames

The popular Wayfarer sunglasses are now available with some bold and eye-catching patterns.

Design Chandelier Mimics The Rising And Setting Of The Sun [Video]

Beautifully designed lighting fixture reflects the movement of the natural light source..

Home Limited Edition Hermes Scarves Inspired By Polaroids

Luxury brand collaborates with photographer to create unique and colorful fashion pieces.

Retail Swap Out IKEA Sofa Legs With Hand-Crafted Alternatives

Prettypegs offers creative and colourful alternatives to the legs on IKEA furniture products.

Work Drab Parking Lot Gets A Vibrant Art Makeover [Pics]

Sydney artists give the dull space a colorful update turning it into a work of art.

Advertising Dr. Dre Promotes Limited Edition Headphones By Paint Bombing Celebs [Video]

He appears in the commercial, throwing paint balloons at models and media personalities.

Luxury Airline Carts Converted Into Luxury Storage Spaces [Pics]

Skypak creates interesting storage spaces made with refurbished airline trolleys.