Analysis This Pop-Up Lets Budget-Conscious Consumers Trade Their Clothes

The Comfort Swap Shop, a London pop-up run by Cosmopolitan, ELLE and laundry brand Comfort, focuses on issues of sustainability and accessibility in the fashion industry

Advertising Casper Has Launched A Quarterly Magazine About Sleep And Comfort

The mattress brand created a publication called Woolly to provide a relaxing escape for readers before they go to sleep

Design This Purpose-Made Napping Equipment Helps You Sleep Better Anywhere

The set includes a sweatshirt, inflatable scarf and pillow hat that make it more comfortable to sleep on public transport

Children Automated Sensors Are Making Life Easier For New Parents

Monit created a new sensor that sits inside a baby's crib to monitor their diaper to alert parents for them to change it

Consumer Goods This Smart Blanket Creates The Perfect Sleeping Temperature For Couples

The Smartduvet Breeze allows for either side of the bed to be heated or cooled to the ideal temperature without affecting their partner

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Air Canada Allows Passengers To Bid For Seat Upgrades

The Canadian airline is making it easier to fill out seats in its more expensive cabins by allowing customers to pay only what they are willing

Design Airport Seating Gets A Comfort-Focused Redesign

Modular seating system aims to break the institutional norms of travel

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Delta Adds Business Class Suites For Improved Comfort And Privacy

The airline is introducing full-height doors, memory foam cushions and a contemporary design

Retail Why You Shouldn't Underestimate Hyper-Niche Brands

As more niche brand focus on solving common problems, you can be sure they will be disruptive

Gaming & Play Men’s Subscription Club Delivers Customizable, Eco-Friendly Underwear

The most comfortable underwear for men is mailed to their homes for convenience.

Advertising Fiat Turns Car Seats Into A Theater For Live Plays [Video]

Viewers watch surreal performances unravel while they sit comfortably in the brand's 500 model.

Design Redesigned Bike Seat Doesn't Hurt To Sit On

Laterelle's ergonomic design for a bike seat has four dimensions that provide more lateral support and comfort.

Design Furniture Inspired By Nature Fights Insomnia

Cocooning is a biomimicry exercise for the ITP program at NYU that uses modern comfort and design to create physical calm in a chaotic world.

Home Convertible Stilettos House Secret Ballet Flats [Pics]

2-in-1 high heels with inner liners that turn into comfortable walking shoes.