Automotive Via Introduces Shuttle Service For Los Angeles Metro Customers

Ridesharing startup Via is offering low-cost rides to and from three LA metro stations in order to increase public transportation engagement

Post Purchase Service & Support Waze Lets Commuters Earn Money By Offering Carpooling Service

Democratizing rideshare services even further, navigation app Waze is testing out a carpool feature that will let regular people pick up passengers along their commute to work or school and earn commission

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Uber Wants To Help Commuters Get To Work With Express Pooling

Uber Express Pool asks users to walk to the nearest convenient pick-up location to save time and money on daily commutes

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Big Data Sets Its Sights On Subway Improvements And Ridesharing Fleets

Teralytics uses telecommunications data to help cities and services plan transportation based on how people move

Syndicated Why Google Maps Needs To Evolve For Cyclists

Cyclists don’t just want the fastest route—they want the safest or quietest

Advertising Virgin Trains Billboards Compare Railroad Journeys With The Road

The campaign aims to show drivers stuck in traffic that rail is often faster than road

Design This Titanium Folding Bicycle Can Fit Inside A Suitcase

The Burke 20 can fold down to a portable size without needing any extra tools

Retail Uber Partners With Westfield To Offer Taxi Waiting Lounges

Designated pick-up and drop-off areas will be created at all 33 of Westfield's U.S. shopping centers

Design Two-Seater Bicycle Is Designed For All Of Your City Adventures

Industrial and automobile designer Tamás Túri has designed an ergonomic bike for two

Syndicated Why Is There A Growing Backlash Against Oslo's Car Ban?

When Oslo decided to be the first European city to ban cars from its center, businesses protested

Technology All You Need Is Your Face To Ride The Subway Of The Future

A new concept from ATMS in China integrates biometric tech into mass transit to make train cards obsolete

Technology E-Bike Is Specifically Designed For The Trials Of Tokyo Commutes

VanMoof's Electrified X has integrated smart tech, a keyless lock and a powerful motor

Advertising IKEA's Chainless Bike Aims To Make Commuting Easy

The SLADDA bicycle has a smart click-in system for multiple accessories

Work Foldable Scooter Wants To Make Commuting Easier

Immotor Go is a foldable transportation device that can pair with your phone for easier control