Computer programming

Features How Companies Are Making Technology More Inclusive For All Consumers

In order to create solutions that provide benefits to every demographic, brands are implementing initiatives to reduce inherent bias, racism or other discriminatory nodes

Fashion & Apparel Forever 21's AI Visual Search Lets Customers Browse By Outfit Features

The retail brand is using Donde Search's AI-powered feature  to bring the discovery experience of traditional retail to online shopping, letting customers search for clothing in more intuitive, visual ways

Shopper Education & Assistance Airbnb Hosts Can Now Grant Access To Their Homes With An App

The partnership between Airbnb and August locks eliminates the need for meet-ups between hosts and renters, optimizing convenience and safety for all involved in the home-rental process

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services UNICEF Taps Into Cryptocurrency Mining To Help Those In Need

The global charity is using cryptocurrency to make donating to causes as simple as opening a browser

Design IKEA-Style How-To Guides For Computer Programmers

Well-known illustration style provides step-by-step instructions for key tasks

Children Toy Teaches Toddlers Coding Without Screens

Another product in a rapidly growing arsenal, MangoBot teaches kids the principles of coding with blocks and a bot on wheels

Delivery & Logistics Subscription Dating Service Replaces Quantity With Trust

By vetting applicants and charging $7.99 a month, Raya hopes to ensure a dating service based on trust and similar interests

Gaming & Play Handheld Programming Device Lets You Invent Apps And Games

Pip gives you the chance to play with code and tinker with tech

Advertising Audible's Machine Learning Lets Romance Novel Fans 'Skip To The Good Parts'

The Audible Romance Package is using new technology to give fans what they want

Technology The Future Of Fashion? Jackets Will Be Just As Valuable As iPhones

For our Fashion Debrief, we spoke to Loomia Founder Madison Maxey about how future fashion will have inbuilt smart textiles that help you live a more fulfilling life

Children This Laptop Teaches Kids (And Adults) How To Code

The Kano computer kit makes programming fun for young children

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Art-Inspired QR Codes Let Tourists Lead Their Own Self-Guide Tours Of Hong Kong

Visitors new to Hong Kong's Old Town Central district have the opportunity to find illustrated QR codes in the area to start a tour

Work Take A Coding Skill Test During A Skype Call

Those partaking in a coding job interview through a video call can show off their skills on Skype's new code editor feature

Design Motion Sensor Kit Provides A Unique Way To Learn How To Code

Kano has launched a new kit that allows users to play games through a motion sensor while they learn computer languages