computer vision

Consumer Goods Sam's Club Enhances Mobile Checkout With Computer Vision Feature

The big box retailer hopes to further streamline the shopping experience by offering customers mobile checkout that uses machine learning to identify items, eliminating barcode scanning altogether

Store Experience & Design Retailers Can Improve In-Store Navigation With Virtual Positioning Platform

While the computer vision company's new tool can be used to improve how customers navigate stores, it can also create guided tours, AR games and scoreboard videos, elevating the brick-and-mortar experience

Retail AI Assistants Merge Alibaba's Offline-Online Pursuits In Sporting Goods Megastore

In partnership with Intersport, the retail space will use smart mirrors and virtual shopping carts for a seamless shopping experience

Home How Gestural Commands Are Making Interfaces Seamless And Intuitive

Gesture controls allow users to make the most of technology with natural movements, increasing convenience and reducing screen time

Children Computer Vision Makes It Easier For Parents To Buy Shoes For Kids

The SpeedSmith app allows customers to size and purchase children's footwear without ever having to bring them to a shoe store

Design Microsoft Adds Customer Service Video Chat Feature To AR Hardware

Hololens now helps users video-chat remote experts and screen-share what they're seeing

Home Amazon Is Said To Be Building Robots For The Home

Amazon's latest technological feat is codenamed "Vesta," the robot designed to assist consumers within their homes

Fashion & Apparel ASOS Rolls Out Visual Search Feature Worldwide

Find those sneakers with just a click of the camera

Advertising Interview: Gathering Advertising Insights On City Streets

Kobi Wu, founder and CEO of VisuWall, discusses the tech enabling advertisers to track impressions in the real world

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket AI Shopping Carts Could Do Away With Check-Out Lines

A smart shopping cart enabled with AI and computer vision automatically charges customers for the items placed inside

Retail Walmart Is Testing A Personal Shopping Service Aimed At Wealthy Moms

The retailer's subsidiary, Code Eight, is developing a service that lets customers place orders simply by texting photos of the products they want

Retail Search For Products On eBay Using Images Instead Of Words

Image-recognition features enable shoppers to use photos from their phones or online to find items they want to purchase

Advertising How AI Selects The Tastiest-Looking Food Photos For Yelp

Yelp implemented computer vision and machine learning techniques to bring the most appealing photos to the top of the page

Health Screen For Cancer Just By Snapping A Selfie

An app from the University of Washington can help users screen for pancreatic cancer and other diseases by measuring bilirubin levels through a selfie