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Video infographic that shows our evolving relationship with dynamic multimedia content.

Gaming & Play Moment Tracking Helps Brands Deliver More Precise Mobile Advertising [Video]

Game rewards platform promises the most accurate targeting techniques so businesses can have greater success rates.

Technology Only 11% of Consumers Watch Network Programming Without A TV [Headlines]

A new study by comScore examined the viewing habits of 10,000 people over five weeks and found that one in ten people preferred to receive content on digital devices.

Technology Kindle Fire Accounts for 54% Of All Android Tablet Web Use [Headlines]

Amazon device leads the pack in Internet usage, commanding over half of the market share.

Majority Of U.S. Smartphone Owners Bought Something On Their Phone In September [Headlines]

Most smartphone owners have used their device to buy something at least once since purchasing the phone itself.

The iPad Accounts For 97% Of All Tablet Internet Traffic [Headlines]

A recent report analyzing cross-platform consumption finds that smartphones and tablets account for 7% of total U.S. digital traffic.

iPhone Accounts For Two Thirds Of UK Connected App Users [Headlines]

GSMA Mobile Media Metrics show Apple hugely over-indexing, but a woeful showing for Symbian.

Retail Where Is Advertising Research Headed?

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