Retro USB Drive Prototypes Pay Homage to Relics of Culture

Old game controllers and past tech devices are portrayed in these USB sticks

Design Sewer Life Demands a Pair of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sneakers

A shoe befit a ninja (who just so happens to be a turtle)

Advertising Plan A Wedding On An iPhone

Now brides and grooms can keep saving their wedding ideas when on the go.

Retail Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music

Book examines Yo La Tengo and the development of Indie Rock, and My Bloody Valentine to release a third album.

Home Ed Cotton: Should Every Brand Have A Non-Tech Incubator?

Could companies use startups to provide innovative product ideas and concepts outside of emerging technology?

Gaming & Play Virtual Trees In City Centers Reflect Local Environmental Levels [Future Of Gaming]

REALiTREE is a Gaming for Good submission that acts like like a huge Tamagotchi-like installation that thrives and suffers according to the health of its surrounding environment.

Advertising Game Empowers Consumers With The Environmental Impact Of Their Decisions [Future Of Gaming]

Sprout provides consumers with the tools to visualize the power and environmental impact of their decisions.

Gaming & Play Activist Gaming Platform Spreads Climate Science And Destroys Doubt [Future Of Gaming]

'Reality Drops' is a Gaming For Good submission that builds awareness around climate reality by enabling players to spread easy-to-understand scientific data in response to climate deniers online.

Innovation Gaming For Good: Concepts To Support The Climate Reality Group

PSFK challenged top creative agencies worldwide to come up with gaming concepts that create awareness about the Climate Reality Project. Here is a shortlist of the top submissions.

Technology Play And Donate Game: Great Works Responds To The PSFK Future of Mobile Tagging Report

Through the use of Microsoft Tags on the receipts of purchases, this concept provides game-like incentives to encourage donations to UNICEF.

Design Nendo: Thin-Black Line Furniture

Japanese design boutique develop conceptual minimalist furniture.

Retail A DIY Industry Of Everyday Special Effects

BLDGBLOG wonders, what if we installed greenscreens out in the real world?

Innovation SMS Medicine Database: Tokyo Coyote Responds To PSFK Future Of Health Report

By leveraging existing medicinal databases, the SMS service enables users to text pill codes and specially tagged medicine barcode numbers to receive object information in their native tongue.