conceptual art

Design Cloud House Received A Simulated Rain Shower When It's Occupied

Designer Matthew Mazzotta has created a pavilion to allow anyone to enjoy the sounds of a rainy day

Design Who Is The Most Clever And Funny Conceptual Artist? [Headlines]

David Shrigley combines humor and art to create thought-provoking photographs, sculptures, drawing, animations and books.

Work Thousands Of Children Create Art With Stickers & A Blank Room

Yayoi Kusama reconstructed a large domestic environment where the walls and every object contained within them were painted white - then she invited the kids...

Advertising WMMNA: Rethinking Curating -- Art After New Media

Beryl Graham and Sarah Cook examine new media art and what this means to the curatorial practice.

Home At Home With Banksy [Pics]

Artist Julia Kim Smith imagines what it'd be like living with anonymous street artist Banksy.

Technology "Pixelhead" Face Mask Offers Media Camouflage For The Internet Age

A conceptual piece of headwear shields the wearer from unwanted cameras, ensuring their identity is kept anonymous on sites like Google Streetview and Facebook.

Innovation How To Make Money From Art: Make Art That Simply Takes Money

Conceptual artist Caleb Larsen shares thoughts on how to make money from normally valueless things.