Design Packaging Turns Buying Condoms Into A Tactile Experience

Concept packaging that uses texture, color and straightforward messaging is a welcome departure from flashy and tacky graphics

Gen Z This Startup Is Un-Gendering Sexual Wellness Products

Maude, which launched this month, makes sex products with a minimalist design that amplifies inclusivity and simplicity

Beauty Interview: Extending The Clean Living Movement To Women's Sexual Health

Meika Hollender, founder of Sustain Natural, describes how her company followed health and wellness trends to identify gaps in women's intimate care

Delivery & Logistics Leading The Next Wave Of Wellness With Gender-Inclusive Sex Essentials

Eva Goicochea, co-founder and CEO of sexual wellness startup Maude, speaks to PSFK about the Gen Z demand for inclusive brands in our Forecast Z report

Advertising Condoms Redesigned To Promote Consent

Anna Weddle wants to bring the discussion of sexual health about how all parties need to understand the meaning of consent to have safe sex

Packaging & Product Engagement Teen Focus Groups Helped Design These Hilariously-Named Condoms

In order to lower rates of STIs and teen pregnancies, nonprofit Diverse & Resilient used focus groups to grab young people's attention with condom wrappers

Fitness & Sport This Bluetooth Smart Condom Measures How Many Calories You Burn During Sex

The i.Con goes around the base of a condom to track the wearer's various statistics

Health Natural Cycles Fertility App Offers the World’s First Contraception Software

Natural Cycles, an app that monitors a woman's ovulation according to her basal body temperature, has recently been approved by health organizations as the world's first contraception software

Technology This Bot Will Tell You If You Have Sex Appeal

What is your mystery factor? SKYN Voice Analyzer will read your voice and tell you how much appeal you have

Fashion & Apparel Durex Stirs Up Conversation By Announcing Their Own Line Of Jeans

While initially thought to be clothing, Durex Jeans is in fact a slim condom pack that you can fit inside your jeans without drawing too much attention

Design The World's First "Smart Condom" Can Detect STIs

The reusable ring is equipped with sensors that monitor calories burnt and other data

Health This Startup Is Trying To Create A More Sustainable Condom

Sustain Natural produces all natural sexual health products and is now marketing a vegan condom

Retail Durex Wants To Promote Safe Sex With An Eggplant-Flavored Condom

The gag campaign was crafted after the brand's emoji design was denied by the Unicode Consortium

Design Design And Technology Have Converged To Create A Better Condom

A major reimagining of the condom from Swedish design brand LELO promises safer and better sex