connected devices

Brand Activation & Immersion How Brands Are Using Onboard Guidance To Improve The Employee Experience

In order to foster a strong workforce, companies are expertly equipping their employees, providing connected headsets and monitors that sync to IoT sensors to deliver pertinent information, priority tasks and analytics

Design Connected Mirror Will Be Your Personal At-Home AI Butler

Duo is an IoT mirror with the ability to inform people on the weather, control the temperature, light or dim a room, provide traffic updates and much more

Home Taking The IoT Home Beyond Four Walls And A Roof

IOTAS learns your preferences and lets you take them with you when you move

Children Google's New Toy Will Teach Kids To Code

Project Bloks aims to create tangible programming experiences for children

Technology Search Engine for the Internet Of Things Visualizes Our Connected World

Thingful is here to do what Google does best with a focus on providing users with information on data within the connected world

Home Connected Heart Monitor That's Smaller Than a Credit Card

Tiny in size but big in importance, the MOCAheart keeps your blood pressure in check wherever you are

Technology Connected Insoles Warm Your Digits

Bluetooth-enabled insoles also track steps and calories while warming up your cold feet

Advertising In The Smart Home Market, Is Design A Deal-Breaker?

With waves of new products being released, mainstream consumers are weighing up functionality versus design

Retail PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: Tile

Keep tabs on your belongings with a teeny tiny connected device

Gaming & Play Device Helps Asthmatics Train Their Lungs

Alvio works with mobile apps to teach kids how to exercise their breathing and manage asthma symptoms sans medication

Luxury Gossiping Gadgets: IoT and the Meaningful Relationship with Your Toaster

Internet-connected devices are sharing information to improve and personalize performance, all while expanding upon a collective knowledge base. Will your toaster get along with your new car?

Innovation Sears Launches Connected Devices Mini Boutiques

The Connected Solutions pilot shops sell home automation devices as well as personal electronics.

Editors Pick Piers Fawkes: Connecting The Home Is The Next Big Opportunity

While more devices can talk, they aren't having a decent conversation. Let's change that.

Design Microsoft Creates A Teched-Out Ford Mustang [Pics]

The retrofitted "Micro-Stang" vehicle shows off connected-device scenarios of the future.