connected home

Loyalty & Membership Best Buy Now Offers Connected Home Users 24/7 Tech Support

As part of a membership model, customers can now turn to the tech mega-store's Geek Squad whenever they are in need, a service that upgrades Best Buy's brand value by providing post-purchase support

Home Google Put Together An Entire AI Connected Home For SXSW

The tech giant fit an Austin home with the gamut of its artificial intelligence capabilities, from voice-activated sprinklers and self-parking cars to robots that fold laundry

Advertising Jim Beam Created A Decanter That Pours Whiskey On Command

The alcohol brand capitalized on the connected home craze with a smart device designed to pour bourbon

Automotive Renault Reveals Concept For A Connected Home And Electric Car

The car's interior would mirror that of a multi-purpose living room and operate as an extension of the house

Design Equipping Connected Homes With A Smarter Brain

Lighthouse wants to integrate AI and 3D-sensing technology into the household

Advertising Interactive Exhibit Shares A Vision For The 'Home Of The Future'

This concept home from the year 2020 paints a picture of living spaces that are comfortable, automated and constantly adapting to meet our needs

Food & Beverage Burger King Hacks Google Home Devices With An Ad

The fast food chain created an ad that elicits a response from people's Google Home devices, a move many have called invasive

Entertainment Sleek Wooden Table Doubles As A Set Of Wireless Speakers

The Sound Table is made to be comforting, relaxing, and of course, play some tunes

Design Building A Better Connected Home

In a conversation with Nest, we discuss the the risks, benefits and future of home automation

Technology Cooking Pan Calculates Calories While You Cook

SmartyPans measures every ingredient to create a comprehensive measure of your meal in real time

Light This Candle Using Your Phone

This world's first smart candle is designed with affordability and safety in mind

Technology Connected Radiator Valves Let You Control Your Heat From Your Phone

These smart devices adjust the temperature of a room based the number of occupants and the external environment

Retail Apple Is Joining The Battle To Control Your Living Room

iOS 10's 'Home' app promises unified access to all HomeKit devices

Home Tiny Sensor Tracks The Temperature Changes In Your Home

The peanut-shaped device can also be linked with smart thermostats to automate when heat or air conditioning activates