Analysis Interview: How Fashion E-Tailer And Recommendation Platform Suggesty Is Enabling Next-Generation International Commerce

Using a hybrid strategy of human-driven and AI curation, Suggesty offers global customers access to lesser-known international designers while enabling lower-than-market prices and premium quality

Fashion & Apparel Interview: How The RealReal Leverages Circular Luxury Apparel For A Sustainable Future

Ahead of his appearance at Shoptalk, The RealReal's head of omni-channel, Michael Groffenberger, caught up with PSFK to share his insights on the future of luxury consignment, as well as how consumers are increasingly turning to more sustainable, economic and eco-friendly options

Brand Activation & Immersion Interview: Neighborhood Goods Is Building A Different Kind Of Department Store For Millennials

Prioritizing community and storytelling over markdowns and sales per square foot, Neighborhood Goods has set out to disrupt retail in Plano, Texas

Delivery & Logistics Consumers Can Earn Credit At Reformation By Upcycling Their Used Clothes

Conscious apparel retailer Reformation partnered with Thredup to launch a loyalty program that incentivizes consigning clothing by offering consumers store credit for their used wares

Merchandising & Curation Online Consignment Brand's Brick-And-Mortar Store Provides In-Store Styling And Tailoring

The consignment retailer encourages foot traffic to its IRL location by providing customer-focused services for both men and women, including everything from free appraisals and styling workshops to custom tailoring