Consumer behavior

Analysis How Retailers Like Tencent Are Optimizing Shopper Analytics With Behavioral Heat Mapping

From PSFK's Shopper Data Debrief report, here's how today's brands and retailers are retaining valuable consumer data from in-store tracking technologies

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Taking sustainability to the next level, refillable and non-toxic household product brand Blueland is set to disrupt an entrenched industry by changing consumer behavior

Health Google's 'Digital Wellbeing' Tools Will Help People Disengage From Phones

As firms face scrutiny over habit-forming technologies, Google unveils system to show users how much time they spend on their devices

Podcast How The Study Of Trends and Futurism Reveals Important Insights

Listen to Devon Powers, PhD in media, culture and communication, discuss insights from her research on the trends industry, futurism and consumer culture ahead of her talk at PSFK's CXI 2018 conference

Technology How Emotion Tracking Provides Insight Into Consumer Behavior

Emotionally sensitive technology allows brands and consumers to analyze responses to products, services and experiences

Technology How AI Can Help People Improve Their Communication Skills

As concerns abound regarding degradation of social skills in an increasingly digitized world, new applications teach humans emotional and communicative intelligence

Advertising PurpleList Podcast Episode 12: Why Brands Should Focus On The 'Why'

We sat down with Google's SVP of Strategic Planning Abigail Posner to discuss our fascination with the familiar and creating meaningful brand experiences

Design PSFK 2017 Workshop: Learn To Design For The Behaviors Of Your Consumers

At our Workshop on May 18, consumer behavior expert Jan Chipchase will share his methods of understanding why people behave how they do

Op-Ed Constant Disruption Is The New Normal

Shawn Parr, CEO of Bulldog Drummond, shares why disruptive thinking should fuel the way we do business

Food & Beverage No-Waste Restaurant Serves Food That Would Otherwise End in Landfills

Can a zero-waste model reform an otherwise wasteful industry?

Home Tech-Savvy Shoppers Drive the Internet of Things in Real Time

An online-offline hybrid puts tech-savvy shoppers on the cutting edge

Luxury Dwell President Casts New Rules of Luxury Consumer Spending

DWELL Media president Michela O'Connor Abrams on why the new affluent have no regard for luxury for luxury’s sake

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Airbnb Charges Artists to Interpret the Housewarming Experience

Airbnb partnered with design firm Fabrica to unveil an installation designed to show the importance of connecting guests with a home

Gaming & Play Michael Sprague: Moments Are The Bridge To Mobile Marketing

What are the best strategies for acquiring new customers? Head of Marketing & Partnerships at Kiip shares his tips.