consumer electronics

Design Home Appliance Designed For Multiple Purposes, Some Analog

An Italian-made space heater functions as much as furniture for an antidote to our tech-infused homes

Home Flat Pack Toaster Offers An Eco-Friendly Approach To Consumer Electronics

The assembly kit is built on the belief that consumers should be able to repair their home appliances

Advertising Music Video Presents A Subtler Way To Integrate Branded Content

Sonos cleverly taps into an immensely personal moment on screen.

Technology Launches iPhone Accessories Line

The new iam+ hardware is aimed at making the mobile device even smarter, including an accessory that turns it into a 14 megapixel camera.

Gaming & Play Intel IQ: What Will The Gadgets Of The Future Look Like?

Take a closer look at what innovations will be shaping our technology to come.

Retail Best Buy's Profits Plunge 91% [Headlines]

The company only took in $12 million in 2Q 2012, down from $128 million in 2Q 2011.

Technology Power The Toaster With A Laptop [Headlines]

A new USB port spec could mean an end to power cords.

Work Kodak Camera With Built-In Wi-Fi Lets You Share Photos Instantly

A new design allows users to upload their pictures straight to your social networks wirelessly or transfer them to your smartphone.

Advertising Swivl Automatically Tracks Video Camera Recording Subjects

Make your DIY videos easier to shoot with the automatic subject-tracking dock concept slated to be available by early next year.

Work Best Buy To Slash Holiday Hires By 50% [Headlines]

American consumer electronics retailer Best Buy will hire only half the amount of temporary holiday staff as it did in 2010.

Design Phillips Challenges You To Wake Up

The consumer electronics brand urges people to change the way they feel in the mornings by changing the way they wake up.

Syndicated Ed Cotton: Re-Imagining The Printer

Artecfact's new concept printer breathes life into a stale consumer product.

Retail Does Best Buy Need To Evolve In Order To Stay Afloat?

Faced with falling sales, Best Buy's CMO explains the retailer's attempt to redefine itself and regain its competitive edge.