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Banks, Insurance & Financial Services How Human-Centered Designs Can Foster Relationships And Engage Consumers

From incorporating high-tech interactive displays to hosting networking and children's events, retailers are putting their efforts into creating welcoming store spaces that put human needs and desires first, working to optimize the IRL experience

Food & Beverage Supermarket Tailors Store Experience For Elderly Shoppers

French chain Intermarché is creating a supermarket specifically for older clientele, with in-store services like nutrition advice and assisted shopping that cater directly to their needs

Cafe & Restaurant How Restaurants Are Incorporating DIY Services Into Their Experience

From creating customer profiles to using facial recognition to let customers pay with their face, the food industry is finding new and creative ways to improve their services and give customers greater agency

Podcast: Trends Changing World Of Retail

Listen to founder and CEO Andrew Deitchman discuss New Stand, an innovative online retailer that sells you relevant media alongside your favorite products, and his insight into the trends changing the world of retail

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel How Agencies Should Adapt To The Expectations Of Modern Travelers

PSFK researchers explore how agencies can inspire a new generation of advertising content that invites audiences of any industry to engage on a deeper level and enter the path to purchase

Advertising Download PSFK's CES 2018 Guide

This 'best-of' preview will help brands, retailers, technologists and creatives distill this year’s conference of nearly 4,000 exhibitors into a future-focused field guide

Delivery & Logistics PurpleList Podcast Episode 16: Reinventing The Pharmacy Experience From The Inside-Out

We caught up with Capsule founder & CEO Eric Kinariwala to discuss why the pharmacy experience is broken and how he’s rebuilding it from the inside out

Entertainment 4 Emerging Themes You Should See At SXSW 2017

Our SXSW 2017 guide identifies key themes that are having a growing influence on how consumers evaluate their product, brand and retail experiences

Retail Social Intelligence Expert: How Instagram Shopping Will Impact Influencer Marketing

Giordano Contestabile, CEO at Bloglovin', discusses how Instagram Shopping incites brands to consider how it will impact their content strategy.

Consumer Goods 3 Connected Life Insights To Look For On The CES Floor

With countless events to cover at CES, we have pulled together three key insights related to the Connected Life to keep brands, retailers, technologists and creatives on track

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PSFK speaks with a White House-recognized startup trying to repair contract work

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Design 19 Emerging Designers Create Futuristic Heineken Nightclub [Pics]

A much-anticipated, large-scale design concept will soon be revealed in Milan next week.

Design London's Interactive NikeFuel Station Breaks Digital Design Boundaries

The highly digitized retail storefront mixes digital services and physical consumer experiences that inspire and inform today's digitally-enabled athlete.