consumer insights

Features Podcast: Leveraging Shopper Data To Build Better Retail

In this show, PSFK researchers discuss case studies and best-in-class examples that illustrate how leading retailers are using shopper data to enable tailored and dynamic customer experiences

Analysis Interview: How Home Goods Brand Modsy Is Elevating Online Furniture Retail With Consumer Data

VP of style at Modsy discusses how the company's launch of its data-informed Minna Home collection aligns with the future of retail, merging data with design to enable tailored products and experiences

Entertainment How The World's Leading Sports Team Uses Data To Enhance The Game

One of the worlds biggest sports teams is sharing data to help its fans get more out of the brand experience and receive the best customer service

Retail 3D Motion And Heat Sensing Technology Captures Shoppers’ In-Store Behavior

Shopperception uses 3D sensors to capture aggregate shopping behavior and create a heat map of popular products.

Advertising Help Wanted: Senior Consumer Insights Researcher - Ziba [Jobs We Love]

If you’re looking for a creative job (or need to find help), we recommend that you check out PSFK’s job listings regularly. Here’s a new job at Ziba California, just listed on the service.

Design A Marketplace For Long-Form Content Summarized is a new platform that aims to facilitate 'more knowledge in less time' by creating a marketplace for the summarization of valuable long-form content.

Technology A Study Of Music Lyrics Reveals Our Increasing Vanity

Music has always been a cultural arbiter, and is now also the basis for a psychological study indicating where our focus and values are evolving.

Work We All Want To Be Young

A short film seeks to capture what it means to be young today, and how youth has evolved across recent, past generations.

Advertising 15 Different Ways Of Changing Behavior

A grid developed by Dr. BJ Fogg, Director of the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University outlines 15 different paths to change.

Technology Redefining The 'Now'

Nova Spivack, founder of semantic search engine Twine, discusses how the real-time web is redefining our experience of time.

Design Brand Mapping As A Consumer Insights Tool

The brands we choose arguably say something about our identity - what we value in the products we use, how we perceive ourselves and how we want to be perceived.

Work Study Finds Companies Not Fully Capitalizing on Research

A new study finds that many large organizations aren't fully capitalizing on the potential of marketing research.

Gaming & Play Identifying Insights that Incite

How does one uncover a simple insight in a consumer and business world of complexity? A recently published yellow paper for Account Planner and Brand and Marketing professionals at large offers some inspiring examples.