Consumer spending

Home UK Consumes Far Less Than a Decade Ago—'Peak Stuff' or Something Else?

From crops to energy and metals, material consumption fell from 15 tons to just 10

Retail Walmart Faces Growing Worker Unrest Ahead Of Black Friday Strike

As the retailer opens its doors earlier than ever for Thanksgiving sales, it faces its first strike in 50 years by disgruntled employees.

Advertising UK Health Official: Fast Food Firms Should Face Legal Limits On Salt And Sugar Use

Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham calls for law change to force reformulation of popular items amid UK's rising obesity.

Technology 9 Of 10 Mobile Commerce Dollars Spent On The iPad [Headlines]

More and more people are shopping almost exclusively on their tablets.

Infographic Of How Americans Spend During The Holidays [Headlines]

'Tis the season to spend on gifts for loved ones. How have Americans parted with their cash in the past?

Design Big Brands Bring Back Layaway Finance Option

Retailers give consumers a way to spread out payments in these hard economic times.

Advertising Case Study Finds Foursquare Customers Spend More [Headlines]

A study by RadioShack found that users of the location-based checkin app spent more and bought more wireless products.

Syndicated Ed Cotton: What’s The Mindset Of The American Shopper?

Consumers are opting to share more and spend less in these economic hard times.

Discounts And Loyalty Rewards Would Drive More Consumers Embrace Mobile Commerce [Headlines]

Nearly two-thirds of consumers surveyed claim that they would be willing to make purchases on their cellphones if offered special incentives.

The De-Coupling Of Confidence And Spending [Headlines]

A long-standing economic assumption is being challenged.

The Business Behind Halloween Infographic [Headlines]

The American love of Halloween increases each year according to consumer spending figures.

Design US Retail Sales Rise At Fastest Pace In Seven Months [Headlines]

Retail sales in the United States surged at their strongest pace in seven months in September as consumers stepped up their spending.

Home Consumer Confidence On The Rise [Infographic]

According to research from the Conference Board, Consumer Confidence Index rose to 70.4 in February 2011, reaching the highest level since February 2008.