Design Series Of Biodegradable Household Objects Calls Out Consumer Waste

The project aims to raise awareness of the impact of tossing disposable products after using them once

Advertising LiAnne Yu: Consumption in China - How New Consumer Ideology is Shaping the Nation (Excerpt)

The San Francisco/Hawaii-based author reflects, among other things, on her watershed early 90's days in China

Technology Floppy Disc Portraits Symbolic of Outdated Technology

Materials taken from a technological graveyard inspire Nick Gentry's urban art

Advertising How Entrepreneurs Are Helping American Consumers to Accept 'Bug Food'

Entomophagy, the practice of eating insects, shows just how much emotion outweighs rationality in consumer culture

Work Shopping Cart Merry-Go-Round Comments On Never-Ending Consumerism

A witty architectural installation aims to help reflect on the existential dynamics of shopping.

Technology DIY Stickering Campaign Identifies Genetically Modified Foods

A decentralized tactical effort in California aims to protect consumer rights.

Design Photographs Document Millenials With All Their Possessions

This intriguing photography project makes a thought-provoking statement about our throwaway culture.

Retail Are Consumers Hard Wired For Deals? [Headlines]

New science suggests that shoppers have innate tendency to fall for bargains.

Advertising Is Digital Bookmarking Curbing Real-World Consumption? [Headlines]

Pintrest and Svpply, two web organizing sites, are helping some users reduce waste.

Infographic Of How Americans Spend During The Holidays [Headlines]

'Tis the season to spend on gifts for loved ones. How have Americans parted with their cash in the past?

Apple Blamed For 'Ego-Centric Culture' [Headlines]

Chief Rabbi in the UK meant no criticism, but warns of the dangers of consumerism, which he says divide and make people unhappy.

How Stores Trick You Into Buying More [Headlines]

Architectural tricks induce shoppers into buying up to 60% more than intended.

Retail Sales In China Up 17.2% [Headlines]

According to NBS, Chinese consumer spending was up to $262.6 billion as of October.

Detailed Study Reveals That Consumers Are Dissatisfied [Headlines]

44% feel worse off in 2011 than they did in 2010, and many are changing food and beverage habits to make ends meet, among other conclusions.