Entertainment 3 Key Trends Driving The Future Of Entertainment Consumption

Our Entertainment Debrief explores the key trends influencing consumption habits, such as remote synchronization, content migration and responsive home theaters

Retail Global Chief Digital Officer: Selling Value In An Era When Less Is More

Matt Howell, Global CDO of Havas, explores how consumers are shifting away from mindless spending in favor of more meaningful consumption choices with emphasis on experiences

Automotive Automatic Vehicle Refueling Launched In San Francisco

Yoshi is a startup that allows people to avoid the gas station by scheduling an automatic gas date for their vehicle instead

Design Buy Me Once: The Online Shop for Stuff That Lasts

Throwing away our throwaway culture: an easy way around a persistent problem

Home Tiny Signs Lend A Voice To New York’s Lost Objects [Pics]

Yoonjin Lee's adorable and funny project addresses the banal items we see on city streets.

Innovation Using The Human Body To Create Edible Sushi [Video]

Lucy McRae's short film 'Make Your Maker' explores the idea that food and the body are inseparable.

What Does The "The Good Life" Look Like Today? [Headlines]

The Guardian argues that the state needs to safeguard a standard of living for people in more than just economic terms.

Technology Webcam App Turns Off The Computer When You Leave Your Desk [Video]

Smart technology saves energy during quick breaks when it sense no one is in front of the computer.

Advertising Mobile Payment Platform Unveils New Instant Cash Feature For Users

Dwolla now lets users spend up to 500 USD instantly anytime, anywhere, using their Instant service.

Luxury Ruby Pseudo: A 19 Year Old On Conspicuous Consumption

A millenial's thought's on the culture of consuming luxury products propagated by certain musical artists.

Gaming & Play Hour-By-Hour Breakdown Of Media Consumption By Generation [Infographic]

A 2011 content consumption infographic profiles overall use in 2011 by medium, generation, and time of day.

Advertising Retail Strategy, Design...And The Search For The Meaning Of Life?

Can the analogies we craft to guide our strategies and design lead us to extraordinary visions and great intentions or simply to unmet consumer expectations?

Design Are Modern Products Good Enough To Allow For Collaborative Consumption?

As we stared at a flat tire on our Parisian shared-bike, we wondered whether stuff is created these days to be overly used.

Retail Powershop, Bringing Power To The People In Electricity 2.0

The world's first online energy store aims to provide New Zealand's power customers with the best deals in electricity.