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Delivery & Logistics Contact Lens Subscription Service Offers Customers Patented Formula And In-House Opticians

The startup, called Waldo, recently expanded into the United States and intends to compete with existing players like Acuvue by including features like free shipping and personalized service that increase its customer value

Technology New Sensor Could Bring Night-Vision Contact Lenses To The Market

Superhuman abilities may become the norm thanks to this technological development.

Design Google Glass Hack Allows For Prescription Lenses

Detachable eyepiece makes it easy to use your own glasses with the new technology.

Work Pharma Company HQ Design Based On Contact Lenses [Pics]

Bausch + Lomb's recently redesigned offices in Poland are inspired by research lab aesthetics and the company's main product.

Advertising New Contact Lenses For Kids Will Improve Their Vision Over Time

Lenses could prevent eyeball elongation, and deterioration by refocusing light directly into retina.

Retail Pattern Pulp: Flat Contact Lenses From Japan Get Innovative Packaging

Disposable daily contacts get an updated packaging design that highlights the constantly renewing aspect of the product.

Innovation La SER Eye Jewelry: Diamond-Embedded Contact Lenses

An optometrist from India has created contact lenses that feature diamonds and gold.

Technology Contact Lenses Display Information Using LEDs

Scientists at the University of Washington are working on a new breed of contact lenses with embedded LEDs which allow information to be displayed to the wearer.