Consumer Goods Unique Container Keeps Wine Fresh For Days

After opening a bottle you can pour the leftover wine in this compressing container to keep it fresh for longer

Design Discarded Plastic And Fabric Waste Turned Into Building Materials

To help eliminate waste, this solar-powered mobile upcycling machine called Trashpresso will turn fabric and plastic waste into usable floor tiles within minutes

Food & Beverage Store Your Food In A Container Made From Cow's Milk

The plastic used to create these vessels is 100 percent biodegradable

Advertising Homeless Housing Solution Arrives in Form of Shipping Containers

Repurposed shipping containers provide needed shelter for UK city's homeless population

Home Raised Shipping Containers Add Extra Space To This Student Dorm [Pics]

Sustainable materials are repurposed for educational urban development.

Advertising Print Shop Launches Magazine That Is A Collection Of Objects

Artomatic is collaborating with artists, designers, creative agencies to create a uniquely crafted publication in which each issue is composed of physical things.

Design Bowl Expands To Fit More Fruit

A container stretches to accommodate more items in it.

Retail Dumpsters Transformed Into Cafes Made From Recycled Materials [Pics]

Pop-up stores created from trash containers and abandoned materials in the Netherlands.

Innovation Smart Jug Can Detect Spoilt Milk & Notify User Via Text

An everyday container gets reinvented with added high-tech features.

Technology Jumbo Cardboard Box Kiosk Promotes New Search App

The South Korean search engine company, Naver, has launched a unique pop-up container structure to boost exposure.