Advertising Oreo Now Offers Cookie Subscriptions To Die-Hard Fans

The 'Cookie Club' monthly box includes new flavors and Oreo merchandise

Food & Beverage Oreo Is Producing Bizarre One-Off Flavors For Fans

The company is taking to Twitter for fan flavor suggestions and sending samples of the most interesting ones to the people who suggested them

Design Clever Cookie Packaging Folds Out Into A Serving Tray

Swedish design students created the concept as an ideal container for serving at parties

Work Media Artists Use Art to Expose Real Truths Behind Big Data

A New York Based research group is bridging the divide between technology and art- approaching new questions by means of artistic visualization

Technology Rube Goldberg Machine Separates Oreo Creme From The Cookie [Video]

Wieden + Kennedy have created four spots that show the extreme lengths some people will go to avoid eating various parts of the cookie.

Advertising App Removes Personal Data From The Web

A new application from Abine works to wipe your personal information from the Internet, helping to maintain your privacy.

Luxury Mercedes Uses Car Engine To Bake Holiday Cookies [Video]

The luxury car company uses the SLS AMG GT3 as an oven to make sweet treats.

Technology Facebook To Introduce Real-Time Bidding For Advertising [Headlines]

The social network will attach a cookie to the browsers of it’s more than 900 million users allowing it to more accurately track behaviors and preferences.

Technology Facebook Can Track Users Online Even After They've Logged Out

Nik Cubrilovic claims that the social network can find out what web pages you visit with its tracking cookies.

Retail Bake Shop Offers Cookies Fresh From the Oven in Two Minutes

Combining the convenience of fast food with the personalization of homemade, a Canadian baker hopes to cash-in on a business that caters to individuals who want their cookies fresh from the oven without the wait.