Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Design This Rotary Phone Is Actually An Analog Way To Browse The Web

Hear how a browser communicates with a webpage through a rotary phone

Home Machine Learning Camera Brings Gestural Recognition To Your Home

The camera can be placed inside of any electronic device to control it through customizable gestures

Health Play Music With Eye Movements and Facial Gestures

Musical interface enables people with physical disabilities to play any instrument

Gaming & Play Power an iPhone With a Bowl of Soup or a Cup of Coffee

A Space10 innovation concept enables you to turn heat from around the house into electricity

Technology "Bright" Lamp Understands Stock Market

The Aspiration Lamp, designed by students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, invests for its owner

Advertising How To Reimagine Everyday Human Interaction

Interaction Designer Momo Miyazaki, a Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design graduate student, is known for her playful creations that solve everyday problems people face. One of a series of interviews brought to you by the Heineken Ideas Brewery.

Design Angry Birds Slingshot Controller Makes The Game More Physical [Video]

'Super Angry Birds’ is a student project that pairs a tangible slingshot device with a desktop version of the popular game.

Design Futuristic Coat Turns Rain Into Drinkable Water

A new concept raincoat doubles as a water collector that can catch and purify rain drops so you can drink while you wear it.

Innovation Fracture Cast Concept Lets You Track Your Healing Process

An innovative concept case created by a graduate student from the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design helps monitor the healing progress of its user.

Advertising Toyota Imagines What It Could Be Like In The Backseat

A concept video by Toyota Europe imagines a solution to passenger boredom in the car.

Design Musical Instrument Plays Barcodes

The Barcode Piano allows children to explore the concept with a easy-to-use interface.

Technology A Social Network For Low-Income Immigrant Neighborhoods

Hoodr is a hyper-local community platform built to strengthen the social fabric of marginalized areas, providing its denizens a means to debate and express local events and opinions while combating the often one-sided picture portrayed by the media.

Home Sidetrack Table Plots Daily Work Routines

The 'Sidetrack' table allows you to reflect on your daily working routine by drawing a pattern of your behaviour.

Work RHIFID Speakers: This Is A Journey Into Sound

Using a combination of RFID technology, Processing and Arduino, RHIFID speakers work as location aware controllers.