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Blossom is a social robot that looks a little different from the rest

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Cornell researchers teach a robot simple human commands by playing a video game.

Work Phone Monitor Gives Real-Time Heart Health Updates

The smartCARD uses a camera to analyze fluid samples and gives a comprehensive portrait of your health.

Will Google Glass Replace Music Stands For Classical Performers? [Video]

Musicians no longer need sheet music when playing, thanks to this new technology.

Home Mayor Bloomberg Debuts New Degrees To Solidify NYC’s Media Prominence

NYC recently launched the Made in NY Media Center and the Cornell NYC Tech’s degree program in Connective Media.

Design Cornell Installs Real Lawn In The School Library [Pics]

University implements special area to help students with mental fatigue.

Advertising PSFK Conference Speaker Interview: John Bielenberg

Creative revolutionary John Bielenberg talks about his innovative work with COMMON and C2 in the lead up to his talk at the PSFK New York Conference 2011.