Cornell University

Design Moveable Furniture Set Was Designed By Alums For Cornell University

Design student alumni returned to Cornell with a set of moveable furniture pieces with push carts attached to their backs

Design 500 Plastic Chairs Used To Create A Recyclable Pavilion

Design agency CODA built a grandoise art piece from simple lawn furniture

Innovation Convertible Activewear Can Be Worn at Work and the Gym

3D-printed clothing that can transform from the office to the weight room

Innovation Custom Prosthetics Are As Easy As Pressing 'Print' [Future Of Health]

Doctors are taking advantage of 3D printing technology to build custom replacements for their patients.

Technology Stress-Reducing Vest Gives Massages That Mimic A Human Touch

Cornell students have created an electric item of clothing equipped with motors that massage the wearer’s back and shoulders.

Technology Reactive Robot Predicts People’s Actions [Video]

Android developed by Cornell computer scientists uses a Kinect sensor and a dataset of videos to analyze human movements.

Work Stem Cell Bio Ink 3D Prints Inside The Spine

Cornell University scientists pioneer spinal surgery with 3D printed replacements for degenerative spinal discs.

Partner Content PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From a mirror that can instantly read your pulse to a method for communicating with coma patients, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.

Advertising Facebook Makes You "Like" Yourself Better

A new study by researchers at Cornell University shows that editing your Facebook profile can boost your self-esteem.