Cory Doctorow

Advertising Is The Entertainment Industry Actually Causing Piracy?

Cory Doctorow discusses how If companies refuse to release films or TV shows in US and UK at same time, they only have themselves to blame for piracy.

Gaming & Play Letting Online Customers Pay What They Want Works

The Humble Indie Bundle -- an experiment in voluntary price discrimination-- shows that most people do the right thing, which helps offset the people who don't.

Technology UK Riots Show CCTV Fails To Deter Criminals

An article by Cory Doctorow looks at the use of CCTV and those who commit crimes in front of the cameras.

Work McNally Jackson Will Print Your Books On Demand

The indie book store will help any author enter the world of self-publishing

Advertising Caring For Personal Information Within Social Networks [Video]

Activist Cory Doctorow shares his insights about maintaining a sense of privacy on the web.

Technology Regulation Will Always Play Catch Up To The Computer's Rules

The problem of how to run business models in a world of digital savants, hackers and maker culture is a fraught one. Cory Doctorow provides an important reflection on the root causes of this issue.

Design Thoughts On The Future Of Product Design

Author and journalist Cory Doctorow questions how design will evolve in our society.

Design Cory Doctorow Explores The Future Of Digital Publishing

The science fiction author and co-editor of Boing Boing on the publishing industry of tomorrow.

Work The Web Poses A Problem Of Plenty

Author Cory Doctorow explains how the Internet, with millions of freely available resources, can overwhelm users and prevent them from taking action.

Innovation Inception And The Rise Of The Meme

Christopher Nolan’s Inception has received plenty of buzz about its cast, direction, score, and intricate plot, but there is something more to this summer blockbuster worth considering.

Technology Downloading and Streaming: When Copyright Laws Become Irrelevant

Britain's Digital Economy Act is symptomatic of the entertainment industry's flawed business model.

Retail Future Of Publishing: Freemium Meets Charity

Author Cory Doctorow is using an interesting model for the release of his latest book.