Design Farm Animal Furniture Brings Livestock Into The Home [Pics]

Italian artist creates cabinetry inspired by his favorite creatures.

Technology Wireless Robots Live Inside Cows To Monitor Production Of Methane Gas

Researchers in Australia measure just how much of the harmful substance livestocks produce.

Advertising What Music Makes Cows Produce More Milk?

In an X-Factor-like competition, people can create songs for cow judges, with the winner crowned by measuring the amount of milk each cow creates.

Technology Cattle Can Now Text Farmers When They Are Most Likely To Get Pregnant

Swiss researchers have developed a new sensor system for cows that sends an SMS alert when reproductive conditions are optimal.

Technology Play Interactive Bingo With Real Cows [Video]

Digital agency Isobar created a game for the Dutch milk brand Melkunie's Facebook page that lets you choose which five live cows will be first to leave the pasture in order to win.

Design Filling Station Dispenses Fresh Milk Around The Clock

Self-serve vending machines delivers dairy 24 hours a day.

Technology Better Farming Through RFID Tagging

In an effort to help dairy farmers better manage their herds, Danish technology firm, SmartFarming has developed an animal tracking and monitoring system called CowDetect. The system enables farmers to maintain a more meaningful account of individual animals by analyzing movement and eating patterns in real time.