Cradle to Cradle

Design A Recyclable House Could Help Us Contend with Crisis Housing

Temporary structures that are easy to assemble could help resolve Europe's space woes

Innovation The eBay Box: Simple Green Shipping

The winning idea from the company's yearly Innovation Expo was a simple but effective product.

Advertising Using Bacteria And Human Waste To Heat Homes In The UK

A pilot program will be rolled out in the UK this summer, using human waste to supply a limited number of homes with natural gas.

Advertising Dutch Designers Create Interlocking LEGO Fashion

Refinity dresses consist of interlocking parts which can be added or taken away from a garment, allowing users to alter it's design on demand.

Work Advertising Transformed into Bags: Target Combines Upcycling & Art

Target, will be transforming vinyl from their Times Square billboard into 1,600 limited edition bags designed by Anna Sui.