Merchandising & Curation Facebook Marketplace Introduces AI Capability To Facilitate Vendors' Sales

The social media site's Marketplace has a tool that gives sellers price range suggestions and can automatically categorize features, optimizing the selling experience

Home Interactive Music Video Lets You Click Through a Craigslist Board

Creative program 72U developed the experimental project that shows how life experiences can be contained in a message board

Advertising Ad Agency Revamps Craigslist Ads

Need to add some punch to your online listing? This fun-loving group of agency folks has your back

Design Community-Based Marketplace Adds A Layer Of Trust To Craigslist [Video]

New site offers a buy and sell model without the dangers so many are often concerned about.

Advertising Chromeo Uses Craigslist’s Missed Connections To Promote New Album

The band experiments with marketing sources outside of social media.

Innovation eBay’s Craigslist-Like Service Offers Odd Job Help To Users

eBay launching a new kind of marketplace, where plumbers, cleaners, and others will be able to sell their services.

Retail PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

Android users can draw on photos they tweet while Microsoft works on mood-changing earbuds.

Advertising Woman Creates Movie Poster Ad For New Roommate On Craigslist

San Francisco resident Lauren Fahey created a witty way to advertise for housemates.

Home Fake Craigslist Real Estate Ads Use Breaking Bad To Sell Homes

Century 21 advertised the house of the show's main character, right before the series finale.

Ad-Free Vogue Magazine Allows For An Uninterrupted Read [Pics]

This updated version of the VOGUE magazine September issue could cost you $4,447,847.53 -- the amount that brands pay to feature their products.

Technology Santa Must Leave The North Pole In New Greenpeace Campaign

The Santa Relocation Project aims to raise awareness about the Arctic ice melting and spark conversations about global warming.

Advertising Sugar Brand Launches Racy Craigslist Personal Campaign

'In The Raw' has posted fake notices that direct people to a website featuring tasty food photos.

Luxury Could You Live Off Craigslist Ads For 30 Days? [Video]

A documentary captures the adventures of a man as he survives solely on the support of the online community.

Design Street Art Sticks Craigslist Missed Connections In Public Places

'I Wish I Said Hello' brings the stories of the online love classifieds to the analog world through the use of stickers.