creative design

Design Transform a Magazine Into a Poncho

A magazine issue spotlighting objects with multiple purposes is a portmanteau itself

Home Order Dominos Pizza With The Push Of A Button [Video]

Pizza arrives at your door with a push of a button - ordering pizza just got easier.

Innovation Magnet-Powered Flying Carpet Entertains Pets

MiCasa Lab has developed a rug that can lift small animals up in the air.

Design Italian Coffee Brand Introduces Edible Coffee Cup

Lavazza and designer Enrique Luis Sardi have created a coffee cup made of pastry lined with a sugar layer acts as a sweetener for your drink.

Work Hotel Showcases The Work Of Popular Design Firms On Each Floor [Pics]

The Wanderlust hotel in Singapore features wildly different interior decoration including Pantone rooms, black and white Pop Art, and whimsical fantasy rooms.

Advertising Cardboard Briefcase Transforms Into Fully Functional Office Desk [Pics]

Social influence marketing company Goodstuph design a desk with over 250 cardboard modules for the HP Z1 Workstation.

Advertising Creative Agency Uses Concrete Business Cards To Strengthen Their Reputation [Pics]

French firm Murmure created these unique cards to make sure their company is remembered.

Design Tableware Visualizes Energy Footprints Of The Food We Eat

3D infovisuals shaped like bowls and plates have different aesthetic features based on the energy, CO2 and cost of ingredients.

Retail Menswear Retailer Launches Monthly Digital Magazine

Topman branches out into branded media and offers an insight into fashion, film, music and art.

Design Brooklyn Design Firm Opens A Cafe Beneath Their Studio [Pics]

Kinfolk refurbish the space with reclaimed wood and plan to add a pop-up shop.

Technology Portuguese Beer Brand Launches New Product With Website Made Of Chocolate [Video]

Sagres creatively promotes their chocolate-flavored stout online.

Work Office Designs A Smarter Planet For IBM [Pics]

IBM's latest campaign is centered around solving global problems.

Innovation Michael Wolff's "Three Muscles" of Creative Design [Video]

The seasoned designer explains three secrets to powerful and relevant innovation and design.

Design (Pic) Writing On The Wall: The Creative Cubicle

Stanford students design budget-friendly movable whiteboard structures.