credit card reader

Retail iPad Stand Replaces Traditional Cash Registers

Mobile payment service Square has introduced the Square Stand that has a built-in credit card swipe machine.

Advertising Buy A Personal iPhone Credit Card Reader At Walgreens

Square hopes to add more users to its current 1 million merchants.

Technology PayPal Launches Competitor To Square's Mobile Payment Solution

The next major POS development includes a triangle-shaped reader designed by Yves Behar of Fuseproject.

Retail Mobile Payment App Adds Loyalty Rewards And Cash Payments

Square's update includes the ability to reward regular customers, print receipts and integrate with cash drawers.

Technology Netswipe Lets You Make Online Payments Using Your Webcam As A Card Reader

The new program is a simple and secure way of accepting credit card payments.

Retail VeriFone To Introduce Tablet Card Reader

The accessory will rival Square's similar product and could help boost the payment solutions company's sales volume at large retailers.

Work Transforming The Way We Pay: The Square Register

Square's new creations may signal the end for conventional cash registers and paper receipts.