Entertainment Concert-Goers Could Skip The Lines With Facial Recognition

Facial recognition will soon be able to associate digital tickets with faces, so event attendees can just walk right inside

Design Cycle Brand Will Track Your Stolen Bike

Bike manufacturer Vanmoof has introduced a new Smart Bike that growls like an animal to deter potential thieves and sends an alert to the owner

Fitness & Sport Video: Looking Back On A Journey From Prison To Fitness CEO

We're gearing up for CXI 2018 on May 18 by revisiting speakers from conferences past, starting with ConBody founder Coss Marte

Advertising Forbes Uses AI To Personify Corruption In Brazil

An artificial intelligence created a composite person based on multiple white-collar criminals to draw attention to corruption issues in the country

AR Reinstalls Stolen Artwork At A Boston Museum

Cuseum is giving visitors at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum a chance to see paintings that were stolen almost 30 years ago

Technology Billboard Lights Up Whenever Hackers Try To Breach Cybersecurity

Insurance company Hiscox conveys the importance of strong cybersecurity with a billboard that shows attempted hacks in real time

Retail Pop-Up Shop Sends A Message About Unhealthy Relationships

The One Love Foundation set up a pop-up shop with Valentine's gifts that showed what unhealthy love can look like

Wellness This AI Chatbot Helps Report Workplace Harassment

Spot uses AI to record inappropriate interactions at work while keeping reporters anonymous

Home Speaker Acts As A Virtual Roommate When Nobody Is Home

Kevin is a safety-oriented speaker that uses light and sound to make it seem like someone is always home

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services AI Identifies Financial Fraud In Customer Accounts

Credit agency Callcredit is using Microsoft's Azure Machine Learning AI to identify potential identity theft and loan fraud

Health Canadian Campaign Combats Driving-While-High With Designer Marijuana Strains

'Consequence Strains' highlights the risks of driving high that are often masked by playful marketing

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Charity Project Donates The Cryptocurrency It Mines On Your Computer

The Bail Project app runs in the background on your computer and mines cryptocurrency to donate toward bail for low-income people awaiting trial

Packaging & Product Engagement Condoms Redesigned To Promote Consent

Anna Weddle wants to bring the discussion of sexual health about how all parties need to understand the meaning of consent to have safe sex

Food & Beverage Australian Wine Label Animates 18th-Century Convicts In AR

The app tells the stories of convicts exiled to Australia who are featured on the wine bottles